Aviaries for rodents

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The Nagervoliere - The optimal free-range enclosure for climbing rodents

With the generous rodent foliage you offer your chinchillas, degus, rats, croissants or mice a beautiful and species-appropriate habitat. Through the different floors they offer enough space for several rodents in an aviary and also ensure that your pets can move enough. The rodent birds are perfect as a home for several animals and can be easily moved by the rollers on the legs. If necessary, you can easily move the aviary from one place to another without having to spend a lot of time and effort.

A perfect flooring for the rodent bird is the basis for the species-appropriate attitude of mice & Co. How to create a cuddly environment for your little darling. You can also choose from a variety of designs for the rodent foliar. We offer rodent cleaning for every taste and need. Browse extensively, then you will find in our shop sure a rodent foliar that you like.

Equipment for your rodent bird

In our online shop, you can choose from solid-handled rod clearing and hammered paint or wooden models. In order to design the aviary perfectly for your little rodent, you will find in our cage accessories a large selection of wooden houses, tunnels or hammocks for guinea pigs, hamsters, dwarf rabbits or mice.

So that your rodent receives sufficient employment, are wonderful products from our assortment for stocking toys. The toy was specially made of natural materials and is therefore ideal for nibbling, playing and climbing. Do something good for your little rodent friend and give him the living environment he deserves to ensure a happy rodent life. Browse through our other categories and discover the wide range in our online store.

Everything an animal heart desires

Whether dog, cat, bird or other small animals - you will always find the most suitable products for your pet. Here with us in the Zoostore online shop is no longer a problem! Convince yourself and browse through the variety of categories.