Bridges & stairs

Buy bridges and stairs for small animals online at Zoostore

With the bridges and stairs for cages of small animals you upgrade every inner life. Create space for romping, hunting and climbing for your little darlings. Your little friend may nibble on the untreated bark wood of the small animal stairs and clean the teeth. Turn your pet's cage into an adventure playground and make sure there is plenty to discover for your rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters & Co. With the bridges and small animal steps, you create an ideal habitat and can thus optimally complement the cage equipment of your pet. That's how your rodent feels guaranteed.

Create more space and quality

A rodent needs a lot of space to move around. However, if you only have a small cage or you do not have enough space left, you can extend this cage further up. Since rodents are great climbers, they are guaranteed to have more options. Create the space you need for your little friends with ladders leading to higher floors. A staircase can also lead you to a higher floor.

In addition, it is also important that your rodent has enough toys to let off steam. These include, for example, wheels as well as tunnels and caves for exploring and nibbling.

Do you have everything basic?

Above all, a rodent needs a real house in his cage, in which he can retire if necessary and spend a few quiet hours. Fulfill your little pet this need and go even further with a great house from our Zoostore online store! Because everyone can have a simple house. But here you will find small works of art for your pets: Whether with windmill, water mill or a whole small game paradise: Give your rodent even more opportunities for climbing and nibbling!


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