Cat flaps

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Cat flaps for the four-legged darlings

He who holds a cat has many obligations that he takes. To make sure that this still remains to a manageable extent, we relieve you of the annoying work of making your way to all the important things for your beloved Stubentiger. Here you will find everything you need for a cat in your household. In addition to various cat toys you must also think of the functional things like a cat tree or cat flaps.

Cats need their freedom and like to be out and about. Because unlike dogs, they do not need guidance and always find their way back to their own home, it's enough to allow your four-legged roommate to get in and out easily.

Many benefits of a cat flap

A cat flap offers many advantages. Because you do not have to keep the door or a window open all the time, you too are more flexible. With a cat flap you have the opportunity to decide for yourself whether or not the cat will come out. For this you have at the cat door settings that you can make to open the flap or close. In addition, you can also have the opportunity to decide whether the cat flap should be open only to the inside or only to the outside.

With various features such as a "Windstopper system" or an integrated magnetic closure, you get many more benefits with a cat door. So even a possible drafts, which could blow through the cat's door, no longer matters.

Installation without problems

The cat door can be easily installed not only on every door, but also on panels and walls. This gives you a choice of where your cat's private door is. In addition, the cat flap looks visually very appealing and scores with high quality design. With a cat flap for cats from our Zoostore online shop, you can not go wrong.