Cooling mats

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Cooling mats for dogs available in the online shop
Most dogs are very active and have to work out. And preferably all year round, regardless of temperature and weather. But we have a wide selection of high-quality toys in our online shop. So that this is possible even on hot summer days and the four-legged friends do not lose their joy of running and playing, you will find in addition to other summer items in our Zoostore online store special cooling mats for dogs.

Special cooling gel in dog chill mats
The dog chill mats have a special cooling gel, which keeps the mat pleasantly cool even on hot summer days. As a result, you can safely go on walks with your dog or stay in the meadow for a long time to play. The cooling gel is in the lying surface of the mat. It unfolds its pleasant effect directly when your four-legged friend settles on the cooling mat. It causes the body temperature of the dog is lowered, allowing the four-legged friends to rest even on hot summer days.

The special feature of the cooling gel is that it was made from non-toxic substances. As a result, you do not have to worry about the dog's health.

Compact cooling mats for on the way
Another plus of the cooling mats for dogs in our online shop is that the mats take up very little space. This is due to the special production of these mats. Because the cooling effect of the gel in the mat no refrigerator is needed. This allows the mat to be compressed to a small size. In addition, the cooling mats are available in different sizes. So you also find the right size for your four-legged friend and you do not have to carry unnecessary weight with you.

Cooling mats for dogs can also be used in the home
Of course, the cooling mat is not only operational outside of your own four walls. Because on hot summer days, the temperature rises quickly even in your own home and an alternative to the cuddly warm dog beds must ago. A cooling mat ensures your dog a pleasant refreshment even indoors.