Cooling toy

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You probably know that: The temperatures continue to rise in the summer and your dog - the warmer it gets - drive-less and it is increasingly difficult to motivate him. So that you can still play with your four-legged friends in the hot temperatures outside and keep it on track, we offer cooling toys in our online store.

Advantages of our toys for dogs

Choose one of the many toys we offer in our Zoostore online store. This will give you and your dog very high quality, which promises a long life of the product. And all that still very cheap!

Motivation in the summer

Spending the warm months outdoors is something for everyone, including your dog - if it were not for the thick coat. With our cooling toys you offer your pet varied activities. He is guaranteed never boring and the toy offers your dog the necessary refreshment that he needs. Because the toys you can freeze in the freezer for some time and then give the dog to cool down to play. So you can spend the hot days with your dog outdoors.

Not just toys for cooling

In addition to our popular cooling toys, we also have many other offers that will guide you and your dog through the hottest summer days. With a pool especially for dogs in different sizes, so that the big dogs are guaranteed to find enough space in them, you are well equipped. And on the road or for our own home, we have invented a variant with the cooling mats, with which you do not have to worry about something getting wet accidentally. In addition, a cooling mat can be transported very easily.

Tip: The perfect complement to our cooling toys is our wide selection of swimming toys with Frisbees and other rugged toys. This also makes bathing in the hot summer months a motivating experience. Order now.