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Swimming toy for dogs at Zoostore

Your dog is a water rat? Then the water toy by Zoostore is just the thing for your four-legged friend! Discover swimming toys to retrieve or romp here in the online store of Zoostore. Even if your dog did not like the water so much, you can motivate him to give it a try. Motivate your dog and inspire him for the water. Because once he has jumped into the water and discovered the fun with the water toy, he will not want to leave the water so fast.

What are the benefits of swimming toys?

In the water the body of a dog is light and weightless. Her four-berbed will never want to miss the water again. In the summer, the water cools the dog suffering from the heat. And even in old age bathing with a dog can be useful. It relieves painful joints and prevents a herniated disc, as the muscles of the dog is strengthened. So buy the right swimming toy in the online store of Zoostore and then off to then off to the next lake!

Tips for the right dog toy

Make sure the toy is sturdy and can withstand sharp teeth. In addition, it should be easy to grasp and, of course, be clearly visible. Browse now and order exciting swimming toys for your dog online at Zoostore! Because in our Zoostore you will find toys made of robust materials, which endure some time with their dog.

Another toy for your four-legged friend

Also discover our selection of summer cool toys or light toys for more safety while romping with your dog. This allows the dog to play in the evenings in low sunlight and is always visible to you and other walkers by the lights. In addition, we also have dog toy for puppies in our assortment. So you can quickly get used to your puppy to his new home, where he is guaranteed to feel comfortable.