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Buy dog mats online at Zoostore

The Zoostore online shop offers many articles for dogs. You not only have a wide selection of high-quality dog toys, so that the four-legged can auspowern unconcerned. Equally important for active dogs is a convenient place to rest. And where can the dog get better again than a specially made for him dog mat or dog blanket?

Dog mats for every situation with high comfort

With us our beloved pets with their needs in the center! That is why we have put together a selection of dog mats with high quality and the best comfort in our online shop. You can choose between different functions as a customer. In addition to simple mats for the home, our Zoostore Shop also has a range of outdoor mats for different purposes. So you can safely leave your dog after playing in the mud or in the water on the water-repellent dog mats. And all without worrying about getting it clean again.

Whether for a camping trip, with a special cooling gel for cooling or for the transport box when traveling - here you will definitely find the ideal dog mat for your dog. You do not have to worry about the cosiness, nor worry about toxic ingredients. We take over this part for you and offer only for dogs safe and comfortable mats and blankets. Even large or small dogs are not neglected: In our online shop we offer dog mats in sizes from XS to XL.

Even puppies are thought!

In addition to dog beds or mattresses in various designs, we also think of our small dogs in their first weeks and months in the world. Because especially puppies need plenty of proximity enough stimuli to cover their curiosity. There are especially for the young dogs developed cuddly blankets, which not only feel cuddly soft. In addition, the cuddly blankets also have little extras like toys attached to the mat. For even more comfort for your four-legged friend, take a look at our selection of dog pillows!