Bowls & Bottles

Bird baths and bird bowls at

Each well-equipped birdcage includes a high quality birdbath. At you will find various bird bath and bird bowls for the best care of your pet. Birds always need access to fresh water, which is best served with birdwatchers from Zoostore. Bird bowls and bird baths are an important part of every bird cage. Here your feathered friends will find the perfect place to fortify themselves and create an environment in which your darling lacks nothing

Hygienic bowls and troughs from zoo-stores

In the shop you will find high quality bowls and potions for a clean and hygienic feeding of your feathered pet. These are suitable for various bird cages. Our SANTA CRUZ universal bowl is ideal for use with cages, aviaries and outdoor enclosures and is easy to handle. This bowl is even available in different sizes. From the budgerigar to the macaw - you will find the right accessories at Zoostore. For particularly large aviaries, our replacement bowl for large bird shelters offers itself. The bowls can not be overturned by your birds, so they will not be contaminated. At the same time, the food bowls are easy to fill and can be easily removed from the holder so that you can easily clean the feeding area from old food residues.

Great equipment for your bird home

You need more equipment, so that your birdie is really good? Then look in our online shop for varied bird toys. Here he is guaranteed to have enough entertainment and enjoys his new job. Offer your feathered friend enough climbing opportunities to keep him from losing his appetite. This is guaranteed with the ladders. In addition, the perches and swings also require flying. This way, your bird can take advantage of the space further up.

This assumes accordingly that the cage is big enough for your bird to be able to move a lot. This is necessary for his health. If you have further questions on how to best keep your bird and what to look for, check our bird guide.