Ladders for birds

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Create a varied environment for your feathered friend. At Zoostore we offer you various birdcage ladders. Each bird ladder enhances a cage and creates a lot of fun for your feathered friend. Choose between a wooden bird ladder or brightly painted ladders with bells. Of course, the brightly painted bird ladder is only dyed with food coloring and thus offers no health risk due to unhealthy substances. So your darling can nibble on the bird leader. At Zoostore we have different types of ladders and can offer different lengths. So you are guaranteed to find the right bird ladder for every cage. Create a beautiful and species-appropriate habitat for your little friend, so that he can feel really comfortable in his cage.

In addition to a ladder, of course, always make perches and swings good. In addition to the ladders, these also promote the climbing activity of the little friends and offer more landing possibilities when flying.

Get more entertainment

Birds should generally be kept in pairs at least, otherwise they develop negative behaviors and injure themselves. Otherwise, you would have to give the birds a lot of time and attention. If you leave your bird alone, then make sure that it also receives enough employment. This can be for example in the form of bird toys, which of course you can attach in a cage with several birds. The sociable animals are guaranteed to enjoy it and will spend a lot of time with the toys.

Visit our bird guide!

For more tips about your bird, just visit our guide. There you will get the necessary knowledge about how the bird cage should be equipped and what else you have to consider - such as the necessary free flight of the small feathered friends or what you should do in high heat or cold to give the birds a comfortable life ,