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Latex toys for dogs

In our Zoostore online shop you will definitely find everything that makes the heart beat faster. Because of the beloved sleeping place about care and hygiene articles up to the ideal containers for food and water you have a large selection at your disposal. So you can spoil your four-legged friends completely. Of course, the beloved Hundespielzeg must not be missing. For this reason, in our online shop for you an offer of various toys to choose from.

You can decide which toy is right for your beloved dog. Here you will find a large selection of toys for dogs made of various high quality materials such as wood, leather or latex.

Game fun guaranteed for your dog with latex toys

If you choose a latex toy for your dog, do not go wrong. Because these toys are made only of natural latex rubber and are very durable. This promises your four-legged friends many entertaining hours full of chewing and biting on the high-quality toy, without tearing it quickly.

Latex toys for dogs in various designs

Whether large or small, from chicken to pig - the latex toys for dogs are available in many designs. Thus, you are guaranteed to find the right animal in the right size. For a big dog, the fun passes perhaps faster if he gets only a very small piggy to play.

The sense of hearing is also addressed

In addition, the little animal-shaped latex toys score not only with their looks, but also with the squeaker inside the toy. Depending on the depicted animal, the squeaker also makes different sounds, such as the grunt of a pig. That brings the active four-legged friends in any case, to deal extensively with the great toy, because additionally the hearing is addressed. Of course, it is also entertained for his master and everyone present when your dog raves with the toy.