Leather toy

Extra sturdy leather toy online at Zoostore

If your dog is rough with toys, then the extra sturdy dog leather toy is just what you need. Give your dog a change and let him let off steam. Due to the durable material, our leather toy withstands any strain. It is also firm and good for tugging.

High quality toys from Zoostore

Our leather toy for dogs convinces above all with the quality. It is made of natural leather and is filled with pure cotton. If swallowed there is thus no danger of suffocation. In addition, the leather makes our toy extra robust and durable. Thus, the chewing fun of your favorite is guaranteed.

Many advantages of leather toys

Playing with the leather toys offers you and your dog many advantages. Even at puppy age, many dogs enjoy chewing objects. That's why many people are familiar with the history of chewed shoes.

With the toy from Zoostore you no longer need to be afraid of chewed shoes. The leather toy is extra robust and strong, so it can give your four-legged friend a long-lasting pleasure. In addition, the teeth are cleaned while chewing the toy.

The toy is not just a visual eye-catcher, it offers your four-legged friends many great options. Retrieve, let your dog chew or tug at it. The leather toy is guaranteed to last a long time and provide plenty of fun.

Browse through our range and discover many different toys for your dog. We also have special puppy toys for dogs of puppy age, which not only guarantees optimal fun, but also covers the cuddling needs of young dogs. This makes it easier for your dog, above all, the big change and he can get used to his new family much faster. Convince yourself and browse through our great variety! Get inspired and see how your dog spends even more fun playing.


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