Light toy

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In our online shop we offer a wide selection of dog toys with flashing function, light toys or reflective dog toys. Order safely and conveniently over the Internet and be inspired online by the product reviews of our customers and the selection in our shop.

Luminous and safety articles for dogs

Light toys for dogs is not only a welcome change for your four-legged friend, it also has a not insignificant safety aspect. Thus, the walk at dusk or at night to a fun as well as safe matter, because our lighting and safety articles for dogs stand out by their neon yellow color and reflect car headlights. Play with your pet Throwing and catching in the winter when it gets dark early, despite the darkness, you can see exactly where the object is, thanks to the dog toy with fluorescent seams, and your playmate can easily track the glowing or blinking dog toy. Likewise, our reflective dog toy provides more safety in the game, because it throws back falling light and is recognized faster by motorists. This allows them to slow down in time and avoid an unnecessary accident.

Flashing dog toy and reflective dog leashes

Our dog toy with flashing function, such as the Flashing Stick, gives the evening walk its own flair, because the game gets in the dark a very special charm. The colorful LEDs ensure that the toy is not lost and offer your four-legged friends a special incentive to hunt. There are also dog leashes that shine or reflect in the dark.

Hold the dog toy with fluorescent sutures under a light source for about 1 minute and you're ready to go. Your dog may retrieve a neon yellow Glowing Handle Ball or tug and chew on the glowing frog, equipped with squeaks and knotted legs. No wish remains open here and with our reflective leash your companion is immediately seen in the dark and you no longer need to worry about his safety.