Sparpack XXL cat toilet ORLANDO especially for large cat breeds including mat NIKIA XXLSparpack XXL

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XXL-Super-Sparpack: XXL cat toilet with hood specially developed for large cat breeds plus a practical XXL cat litter mat.

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In addition to the cat lavatory, this practical economy pack will provide you with a cat litter mat.

Description cat lavatory:
This XXL litter box was specially developed for large cats and comes with filter and strainer. It is equipped with hood, swinging door, filters, sturdy closures and carrying handle. For a quick and easy cleaning, the toilet is equipped with a wide-opening door. The filter prevents unpleasant odors and can be replaced
L x W x H: 70 x 57 x 46 cm
Color: white-anthracite

Note on hood color: The color of the hood is not pure white like a piece of paper but rather old white or creamy white and slightly speckled with small dark spots.

Description mattress:
By using this particularly hard-wearing and lightweight pre-mat, the distribution of cat litter in the home can be reduced to a minimum. The innovative and new design of this mat collects the superfluous cat litter by dropping it through the foam net into the underlying collecting mat.

The revolutionary 2-layer system ensures clean paws and a clean floor. This rug provides your sweetheart with a pleasantly smooth ride and, on the other hand, gently cleans the paws off the litter. The collected litter can simply be dumped into the litter or back into the litter box. The connected by a Velcro two layers can be separated from each other with a handle. Thorough cleaning under running water is therefore quick and easy. Also you can easily suck the grains from the cat litter with the vacuum cleaner from the mat.
L x W x H: 75 x 58 x 1.5 cm.

Contents:1,00 Set
1_Merkmal:XXL Katzentoilette Außenmaße L x B x H: 70 x 57 x 46 cm, Katzenstreumatte NIKIA XXL - L x B x H: 75 x 58 x 1,5 cm
2_Merkmal:Speziell für große Katzenrassen wie z.B. Maine Coons entwickelt.
3_Merkmal:Große Frontklappe und Tragegriff im Deckel. Lieferung inkl. Aktivkohlefilter, Streulöffel und Vorlegematte mit 2-Lagen-System.
4_Merkmal:Das Katzenstreu wird nicht mehr in der Wohnung verteilt. Dank der großen Klappe ist die Reinigung kinderleicht.
5_Merkmal:Diese Katzentoilette ist so groß das sich die meisten großen Katzenrassen sogar darin herumdrehen können.

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