summer toys

Fun with our summer toys
You want to do something good for your dog also in summer? Then our summer toy for your dog is exactly the right thing for you. We offer you in our assortment summer toys for retrieving, swimming and cooling. And that at reasonable prices and guaranteed high quality. Thus playing in the sun with our summer toys becomes a great experience for you and your four-legged friend.

Choose the right summer toy
You also have to take care of a few things with dog toys. When choosing a toy, consider the size, among other things. Too small toys can easily be swallowed. If the toys are too big, your fur nose will quickly lose its fun because it cannot hold the toy properly in its mouth. Also keep in mind for which activity you want to buy the toy. Not every toy is made for every activity. Take your time and look through our assortment in the online shop. You are sure to find the right toy for you.
Discover our variety of dog toys
Browse our dog shop also on cooling toys, water toys and outdoor toys for the perfect fun in the warm summer months. The play fun is guaranteed by various toys. Offer your dog enough variety and deliberately durable toys so that he can spend many beautiful hours with it. Our focus is on functionality and high quality. Convince yourself of this and see how your dog can play with the toy for a long time without it breaking. That pleases your four-legged friend guaranteed! Browse through our various products and choose different toys. From a purchase value of 19 € you will also receive the delivery free of charge.