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In our online shop you will find various products that revolve around your cat. Provide a balanced life for your cat - with matching furniture, a great scratching post and the perfect cat bed, as well as other extras such as a fascinating drinking fountain that your cat will love.

Cat care is important

Cats are very clean animals and take care of themselves and their little ones regularly. Hygiene is therefore an important factor for them. But they also like to be taken over by their owner's work and pampered. Cat owners should always keep an eye on their cat's fur, eyes, ears and paws to detect any illnesses or injuries early and possibly assist their cat care friend.

Here in the Zoostore online shop you will find the right care and hygiene items for your beloved cat. All products are based on natural ingredients and are therefore very well tolerated.

Full equipment for your cat

Always be prepared in any case - with the first aid kit and other useful care and hygiene products. Here you will find, among other things, suitable cat litter for the cat litter box as well as a special rearing syringe or bottle. With the help of this syringe or bottle, it is possible for you to easily supply your cat baby with liquid, if it does not want to drink out of the cat bowl or you are traveling. Even medications can be instilled so your four-legged friends. Browse for yourself and discover many practical and helpful articles for your Stubentiger.