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Manuela writes...

Hey, dear Zoostore team,

I've had one of your super drinking fountains for some time now (LITTLE FLOWER). You must know that I have two little bitches at home that do not drink from the water bowl, but only from the faucet in the kitchen, so he must always be dripping u. If that is not the case, it will sink into the sink. until I turn it on. I made myself a slave to my Kittis, which I do not think is that bad. One day, then I came to your side u. I bought a drinking fountain. You do not even believe how much my cats have fallen on the part, have taken him in the same fog. I u. also my cats we are excited u. What I have noticed, they drink a lot more now. We do not want to miss the water fountain u. I, or my Kittis can only recommend a water well, because he prepares the water through a carbon filter again and again fresh. The sink is now free u. I do not have a dripping tap anymore. We love the LITTLE FLOWER DRINKING FOUNTAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings from Teltow by cat Molli, cat Paula u. Cat mom Manuela

Sandra writes...

Hello dear Zoostore team,
When I came to your page, I was immediately impressed by the wide range of rodents! I immediately ordered 3 pieces for my rat gang. Both the ladies and the gentlemen are taken with the new inventory.
My girls have taken the "Nagerhaus PALCO" equal. There is plenty of room in the houses to cuddle and sleep on top of each other! Now there are more games and climbing opportunities!
Your site is definitely recommended and I finally know where I can order really nice and especially large rodent houses! Keep it up!
Greetings from Erfurt send Sandra and the rats gang

Tina writes...

Dear Zoostore Team,

my rascals are totally excited about their new toy! Especially the HappyBird swing has done it to them. They spend several hours a day on the swing and love it. No more fighting, because now all four have enough space. :)

I'm really excited about your amazing range of bird accessories. Have never found such a great shop, which has also thought of us Welli-holder. And your superfast delivery has allowed us to complete the new adventure playground for our rascals before Christmas. Many Thanks!!!

  Enclosed I send you a few photos of my favorites and their favorite swing.

  Many greetings from Munich from my rascals: Sternchen, Amadeus, Mozart and Kasimir!


Sigi writes...

Dear Sir or Madam,

my 4-year-old Rie, her character tricolor, purebred Jack Russelline, tastes the transport box so much that she immediately uses it as the main retreat for peaceful mumbling. Thank you also in the name of my bitch for your prompt delivery.

Very dear thanks!

Sincerely, from Munich,
Sigi - including her Rie