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Disinfectants against parasites, bacteria and fungi

If your bird has been ill, it may be a good idea to disinfect the cage or bird aviary and cage accessories to prevent re-infestation of your pet by parasites, bacteria or fungi.
Disinfectants help you to effectively protect your bird against pests and keep them healthy.

Before using, however, you should contact a veterinarian and discuss with him the use of the disinfectant. You should also read the product information carefully before using the disinfectant. These measures are designed to ensure that you do not unnecessarily burden your little friend or even jeopardize it by using the disinfectant incorrectly.

Offer swimming

Anyone who wants to bring a bird to the home, must carefully consider all necessary things. What do birds need? What can not be missed and where do you make the choice? Definitely one of the indispensable equipment options inside a cage is bathing. In the wild, you can often see that the birds are close to water, wells or the like - and not just for a drink. Offer your bird a nice bathing opportunity. This does not cost you much effort, but for the birds it is pure luxury.

The necessary equipment of the cage

Delight your feathered friend with other products from our online store. Small ladders, swings or perches owned and entertained the birds for a long time. So they will not be bored. In addition, they can also practice their climbing skills and have more reasons to even fly something. However, you should make sure that the aviary or the cage is big enough for your bird to fly. Above all, the width of the cage is important, as a bird, comparable to an airplane, also needs a small runway.

The equipment then round off with great toys, which stimulates the bird to nibble and play. This will ensure the right conversation so that your birdie will not be bored.