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At Zoostore buy safety equipment for dogs online

Zoostore has a heart for animals and of course for your dog. In the safety range, Zoostore's team has put together a number of well thought-out practical products that can help protect your four-legged friend from accidents and other hazards. These products are both items for more security in the dark and which, so that the animal can not leave the apartment unnoticed. All these practical safety articles can be conveniently purchased online at Zoostore. On request, we will gladly advise you before placing your order. You only need to contact our sales team.

If leaving the apartment becomes dangerous for your darling

A safety gate may be an important purchase for your four-legged friend, if certain conditions in your home and in the nature of your dog make it necessary. Soon it can happen that pets leave the house with the house or patio door open and walk on the street, if there are no corresponding security measures on the outside. An accident can happen quickly. In such a case, a safety gate is a great help. But there are also some of our darlings, where it is important, once they visit the apartment in a locked room to accommodate or prevent them from running unattended into the garden, if strangers enter the otherwise closed property through the garden door. Even in these cases, a door guard is the right solution.

Zoostore Safety requirements for dangers in the dark
The dark season with lots of fog is always a dangerous time. And even in the summer, safety articles for the dark give an animal the protection it needs to be seen. At Zoostore you will find flashing pendants, bright dog jackets in different sizes and a shining dog collar for your pet. On request, a retrievable shining dog collar with USB port is included.