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Maintain small animals properly

Small animals are naturally very clean and usually clean themselves regularly. Here, one often only has to intervene when an animal has become ill and can no longer keep itself clean. In the case of a pet owner, the task is not to keep the pet clean, but to provide a hygienic and clean environment.

More and more pet owners are providing their pets corner toilets, which are used by the animals thankfully. Chinchilla, for example, are very clean animals and like to enjoy bathing regularly. Support your small animals to stay healthy for a long time and to feel comfortable in the home.

If, unfortunately, the case has occurred that your small animal has become ill, or you are trying to avoid this, look at our disinfectant. It works well against fungal attack and bacteria. And if you have your pet in a transit box and there is a minor incident, you can easily remove the urine or other odors and stains with the help of an odor and stain remover.

Regular cleaning of the interior

Your pets spend most of their lives in their enclosure. That's why you should also make sure that they feel comfortable there. This includes, among other things, the regular cleaning of the entire interior, especially the corner toilet, if it is available. Especially cup and potions must often be cleaned once, so that your small animal does not catch anything. The house, toy, tunnel and other accessories should also be cleaned. How To Help Your Small Animal Stay Healthy.

Get everything from one source

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