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Buy cages for rats, chinchillas or croissants online

Are you looking for a species-appropriate, beautiful home for your rat, chinchilla or croissant? With us you will find a wide selection of different cages, suitable for these small animals.

Set up your small animal cage in an appropriate manner

The cages have several floors, so that the best conditions for climbing, hunting and playing are given. However, to make the ideal croissant, chinchilla or rat cage, you need a lot more. For this we offer a wide range of accessories for rat, chinchilla and croissant cages. Find the perfect rat house, a hammock for your chinchilla, or a tunnel to play with your croissant. With us you will certainly find something to equip the cage of your favorite to your liking.

At Zoostore, you can choose from a wide variety of rat cages, chinchilla cages and croissant cages, as we offer wooden or solid caged caged chalets in a variety of designs. With us you are guaranteed to find the ideal home for your little friend.

Everything for your darlings in our online shop

Do you have any other pets or are you thinking about bringing to your home? No problem, just browse through our other categories. From dogs and cats over birds to our small animals, we have a wide assortment on offer. Take a look at what exactly which animal has claims, and make a conscientious decision.

For questions for tips and tricks

What needs to be considered when keeping chipmunks properly? How are chinchillas cared for and kept? What occupation do rats need to avoid being bored? You want to buy a rat, a chinchilla or a croissant and still need some advice? Then visit our guide for small animals. Here you will receive valuable tips on the subject of pet animals. Let the uncertainty take over and prepare your pet a peaceful and long life.