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Provide your small animals with matching bowls and potions

At Zoostore you will find a wide selection of troughs and bowls for small animals. The snack bar gives your animals a great and varied feeding station. The covered bowls protect the food from contamination. The roof, which protects the bowls, can even be used by small animals as a viewing platform and for more climbing fun. The stainless steel bowls are removable and can be cleaned very well. Due to the chic roof, this feeding station enhances every rodent home and provides an eye-catcher. It is dyed with a non-toxic, water-soluble food coloring and thus does not pose any danger to your pet.

In the assortment of Zoostore you will also find various drinkers. Here you have the choice to choose the size of the potions according to your pet. Due to the high quality workmanship, you and your pet will surely enjoy it for a long time.

The right small animal home

If you have decided to take a small pet and house it in your own home, you will need a lot of matching equipment in addition to the matching bowls and potions. Of course, you will also find these in our online shop for small animals. The most important thing of the equipment is, of course, the accommodation in which your small animal is to live from now on. Depending on what kind of pet you want to purchase, you have different choices. From a cage for rabbits and guinea pigs over mouse and hamster cages to larger cages for rats, chinchillas and croissants, everything is included. And also the small animal barn is available from us. Make sure your pet feels comfortable in its new home from the start.

Comprehensive equipment for your small animal

If you have decided on the right cage and have also chosen a bowl and a potion, the rest of the interior decoration will be done. Because even if the cage is still so big and your small animal receives enough food and drink, it feels quickly lonely when it has no employment. So give your pet lots of choices to have a happy and fulfilling life. Just browse for ideas and inspiration through our various categories such as teddy bears or cottages.