Shippping costs

  0,00 Euro to   8,99 Euro value of goods = 5,99 Euro
  9,00 Euro to 18,99 Euro value of goods = 4,99 Euro
19,00 Euro to 28,99 Euro value of goods = 3,99 Euro
29,00 Euro to 38,99 Euro value of goods = 2,99 Euro
39,00 Euro to 48,99 Euro value of goods = 1,99 Euro
from 49,00 Euro value of goods the delivery is free!
Delivery time: 2 - 5 working days

Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
Shipping costs: 7,99 Euro
Delivery time: 2 - 5 working days

Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, United Kingdom of Great Britain
Shipping costs: 11,99 Euro
Delivery time: 3 - 6 working days

Finland, Spain
Shipping costs: 17,99 Euro
Delivery time: 4 - 7 working days


We offer deliveries to Switzerland exclusively via Please register there before purchasing.

We deliver the goods to the logistics centre of in 78467 Konstanz at the conditions valid within Germany (see above). All customs formalities and the delivery to your front door will then be taken over by for a fee.

The allocation of your order takes place at through your use of the e-mail address. Please therefore enter ONLY your e-mail address for your order here. You will receive this e-mail address after your free registration at

Please enter ONLY the following postal address as the shipping AND billing address:
MeinEinkauf GmbH
Max-Stromeyer-Str. 160
78467 Konstanz

A direct delivery from us to your delivery address in Switzerland is unfortunately not possible.

You can find all information about -- HERE --

Delivery time: 3 - 6 working days

Deliveries to other countries are unfortunately not possible.

Due to the size of the parcel, some items can unfortunately only be delivered within Germany as DHL bulky goods. A delivery abroad is unfortunately not possible for the following articles:
Rabbit and guinea pig home SAN MARINO 120
Rabbit and guinea pig home SAN MARINO 120 DELUXE
Rabbit and guinea pig home SAN MARINO 140
Rabbit and guinea pig home SAN MARINO 140 DELUXE

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.