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Order small animal transport boxes online

Whether to the veterinarian or vacation care - sometimes even small animals must be transported.

We have the appropriate small animal transport boxes, so that the housing is also safe and as pleasant as possible for the animal. After all, most small animals are not taken every day, so most animals are agitated and at worst stressed.

With a suitable small animal transport box you can spare your small animal this stress as much as possible.

The box must be big enough

Our small animal transport boxes provide enough space and breathing air to not worry your rabbits, guinea pigs, croissants etc. unnecessarily. We offer the small animal transport boxes in bright colors, so that the everyday life is a little spiced up. The boxes are great for stowing and can be found in any car. The handles of the boxes are high-quality processed, so that an optimal wearing comfort arises. So it is not necessary to change the attitude of the small animal transport box often, which also gives the small animal a more pleasant journey.

Proper equipment for your small animal

Such a transport box is also ideal for bringing your new pet home. Help him feel better, recover quickly and curiously explore his new home. This can be achieved mainly by extensive equipment of the cage. Of course, besides a small house, bowls and potions should not be missing here. In addition, you have the opportunity to equip the cage with a variety of products. Your new roommate will be grateful if, right at the beginning, he has great employment opportunities, such as an impeller, more floors to explore, or a special rodent toy.

Here is a combination of several things just right. This gives the new roommate plenty of variety and he will not be bored during his time with you. Especially products made of natural wood and without hazardous materials and materials are in demand. This will ensure that your rodent can not get poisoned. For this reason, we only offer products that are harmless to your small animal in our online shop.