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Set up mouse and hamster cages

For customizing your hamster and mouse cage, we offer a wide selection of accessories with various houses, bridges, tunnels, pet hammocks and much more. Set up your hamster or mouse the perfect living environment, so that the little animals feel at ease.

Give your rodent enough employment

For a satisfied mouse or hamster life you should offer your little rodent enough employment. Because even if you like to play a lot with your pet, they are sometimes alone if you have other tasks to perform. So that your darling is not sad or bored in the time, you equip the cage with enough employment. In addition to an impeller, the toy is especially important here. Specialized stocking toy ensures the right material. Here your rodent can live and nibble, climb, hide and just feel good. Bring nature into the hamster or mouse cage and give your rodent a life that suits him.

The perfect home for mice and hamsters

In order to feel really well, mice and hamsters need a lovingly furnished living space with plenty of room for discovery, hunting, games and dreams. The mouse or hamster cages are available in different sizes and variants. This allows you to make the most of the space in your home and give your new roommate sufficient room in height or width.
When buying a cage you should definitely make sure that enough air can get into the cage. For example, lattice cages are suitable for this, but they are closed at the bottom. This ensures a solid footprint and nothing can fall through. Many hamster and mouse cages have a corresponding wooden device, which lays the foundation for a beautiful cage device. In addition, we offer cages with 2 floors, so you can offer your animals even more species-appropriate habitat. Due to the different color variants, each mouse and hamster cage adapts perfectly to the home furnishings.