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Rabbit and guinea pig cages on

Give your guinea pig or rabbit a perfect home with a beautiful guinea pig cage or rabbit cage. Your pet needs enough space and a nice habitat to feel good. This will give your pet a long life expectancy.

Proper keeping of guinea pigs and rabbits

Depending on the number of animals we offer different sizes of guinea pig and rabbit cages, so you are guaranteed to find the right accommodation for your pet. An important point in guinea pig or rabbit keeping is the loving care of the cage. To give the animals a lot of variety and fun, we have a variety of cage accessories, with which you can make the guinea pig or rabbit cage perfect. Many of our cages have wooden furniture that creates a wonderful foundation for design. In addition, the wooden furniture ensures that your guinea pig or rabbit does not gnaw on any toxic materials.

The right initial equipment of the rabbit or guinea pig cage

Make sure that you provide everything you need for your first choice: from the right size of the cage, to the right equipment for enough variety, to care and hygiene products. You can provide your guinea pig with suitable furnishings such as a cottage as a retreat, floors with suitable ladders, or bridges and stairs. So that your rodent gets enough exercise, it is also important to install an impeller. Thus, you ensure that your guinea pig does not get too fat.

Enough space for your rabbit

Especially with the rabbit hutch, make sure that it is big enough and has enough space for hopping. If you have a garden or a small lawn, then a free enclosure is also wonderful. This gives your rabbit significantly more freedom. If you want to keep your rabbit out in the winter, then you should definitely visit our guide and take the right precautions. Stop by our online shop and discover our great variety of products!