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Dog kennels

You want to travel with your dog? No problem! But your dog is not on the passenger seat or on your lap on car rides, because that not only brings a great risk of injury to your darling, but also for yourself. Invest in a dog transport box and create safety for yourself and your pet.

With the dog transport boxes from the Zoostore you can safely transport your four-legged friend, whether in the car or on the plane. Pay attention to a reasonable size of the dog transport box when buying. Your dog should be able to stand upright in the dog transport box and also be able to stretch out for a long time.

Buy dog transport boxes online at Zoostore

The visit to the vet, the trip on vacation - whenever you are traveling with your dog in the car, you must secure the animal. That's why investing in a transport box is the right decision. The animal must stand upright in the box as well as lie down comfortably.

The right product for every situation

In our online shop, there are different versions available: The nylon transport box, which is also suitable as an indoor kennel, or the pet trolley bag, which can be pulled. The Autobox, the dog box made of plastic with matching wheels, the collapsible animal box made of aluminum and the carrying case for small dogs.

Safety for your pet - in the car, in the train and in the airplane

With the dog transport box from the Zoostore, you and your pet travel equally well in any means of transport. In addition, the small dogs in the practical dog bags for the airlines and the train are considered as hand luggage and are transported free of charge. Especially for traveling by car, you will also find car accessories in our online shop to make your journey as pleasant as possible for your fur nose. In addition, you will find in our guide for dogs a contribution on how best to transport your dog while driving.

So that the dog feels good

Buy the box a week or two before your holiday and set it up in the house. So your dog can get used to the transport box soon enough. This includes the foldable food and water containers for the journey. The boxes made of nylon are ideal for short distances, or if the dog is about to spend the night in it. She is also an ideal kennel. The metal transport cages not only use veterinarians, on air travel the plastic dog transit boxes are the better choice. Their advantage is that they are not as heavy and bulky as the cages. Moreover, they are easy to care for by wiping with a damp cloth.