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Cats caves for sleepyheads and adventurers

Cats love hiding places! Especially when they promote their thirst for discovery and their thirst for adventure. That's why cats in the zoo shop would buy online. Nothing beats a cuddly cat cave, which protects the privacy of the animal. Exactly the right thing for older or rather timid animals, who like to retreat. Ideal for several animals in the house with different sleep phases. With a cat's den, stress situations in confined living conditions are avoided.

Hunting fun and retreat through cat caves and tunnels

A cat's bag, on the other hand, is a paradise for kittens. It not only sleeps well in it, the rustling awakens the game and hunting enthusiasm. Young as well as adult cats will enjoy it. Especially home cats need a lot of variety, especially if the owner is working and several hours out of the house. Good that you can now buy exciting toys online at Zoostore! Unpacking is fun and the cat will discover the outer carton as a hiding place until the cuddly and rusty bag is finally set up and lures it irresistibly.

Let's play!

The cat tunnel offers a good hiding place. Cats like to watch without being seen. The various entrances arouse the urge to research. Small toys such as bells or balls increase the attractiveness of the cat tunnel. If no congeniality is available to run around and explore, the cat owner can bring in the play with hiding small treats in the tunnel.

Not infrequently, cat owners themselves become real discoverers when they buy the accessories for their pets online, because the selection at Zoostore is huge!

For all this cat accessories: It is made of soft materials and is easy to clean. Our tip: odor and stain removers can be found in our online shop under the care and hygiene articles. Extend your premises with scratching furniture or a cat litter box to make your home the home of your baby tiger.