Bird cages & aviaries

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An appropriate home for your birds

Your birdcage or bird aviary must be bigger, the more birds it is supposed to host. Since the bird cage should be the home of your feathered friends for several years, it is worth choosing a reasonable model directly. At Zoostore you have the choice between different bird cages and bird aviaries for different species. The cages are available in different sizes and shapes, so there is something for every taste and need.

Since the birdcage should not just stand on the ground, it is recommended to buy a suitable stand directly. Finally, birds inhabit trees and shrubs as a natural habitat and like to keep track. In addition, the birdcage is also better protected. Some cages from our range are already equipped with feet, so that the purchase of a stand is eliminated. A good example of this is our bird aviary MIAMI. In addition to the practical stand, this bird shelter also has a practical 9 cm high protection made of Plexiglas, which avoids that too much sand ends up in your home. In addition, the model convinces with rollers and a box drawer, so you can easily change and clean the aviary.

Bird aviaries for a particularly appropriate attitude

Birds are flock animals and should therefore never be kept alone, a pairwise attitude is required. However, you feel most comfortable in the group. For a larger number of birds, our bird aviaries are particularly good. They offer a lot of space and are sturdily built. That's why these birdhouses can be used both in the garden and in the home. Otherwise, when setting up the birdcage, pay attention to a light and airy location. Ideal would be a corner seat at the window, so that the birds can look out, but otherwise can find their peace through a wall.

The right device

In addition to the right birdcage or the aviary, the interior must also fit. So that the birds have enough employment, should not be dispensed with matching bird toys. In addition, the right equipment also includes ladders and perches or swings. Birds not only need enough airfield space, but also opportunities for climbing.