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Order floors and ladders for small animals at Zoostore

Rodents love to walk up and down ladders or hunt and play across multiple levels. That's why at Zoostore you'll find a wide selection of ladders made of sturdy, durable plywood for your little rodents to enjoy for a long time. In addition to the rabbit ladders we also offer wooden cage floors for your rodent cage. The various cage levels that you can connect with ladders will enhance the environment for your rodent and provide plenty of fun and climbing fun. This is the ideal way to fill in the often large cages

The right retreat

Transform the cage of your rodent with the cage floors into an adventure landscape. The processed bark wood encourages the rodents to nibble and thus ensures the ideal dental care. In addition to floors and ladders, you will also find a large selection of other products for rodents in our online shop. Indispensable for a rodent is the cottage

More movement for your rodent

Once you've seen a rodent, one thing quickly becomes apparent: Rodents need enough space and opportunities to let off steam. For example, an impeller is enough to keep the animals busy for a long time. If you want to give your little companion even more fun and enjoyment, just browse through our teddy bear toy. But even stairs and bridges or ladders that lead to another floor, can upgrade the cage of your rodent a lot.

Give your little rodent enough opportunities to let off steam, nibble, climb and have fun so he can enjoy a fulfilling life. This not only gives him great well-being, but also gives you pleasure: Because if your rodent feels comfortable, you will experience many great moments with him or you can easily watch him while playing.