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Buy dog sleepers online

In the dog beds from the Zoostore your four-legged friends can really relax. The dog bed serves as a resting place and fixed point for your four-legged friend. The dog bed should therefore be in a place where your dog has a good overview, so that he feels comfortable and does not feel like he missed something.
Also, you should make sure that the dog bed is big enough and comfortable, otherwise it can come as with us humans to muscle tension in your dog. Here in the Zoostore you will find dog beds in many different sizes.
When buying a dog bed, you should also make sure that it is easy to clean. The dog beds made of plastic meet this requirement particularly well.

Dog Beds & Dog Baskets at Zoostore

There are various types of dog beds, dog baskets, dog pillows and dog mats, these offer your pet an ideal place to sleep and relax. Ideally, these should not be in the room, so your pet has a retreat. Here at your wishes become reality for your darling. No matter what color, which shapes or which material you want, here you will find the right one for your dog. Straight dog lives are perfect for big dogs, as they do not have a raised edge, so your dog can stretch out without bumping his / her legs anywhere.

The dog basket as a dog sleeping place

The dog basket differs significantly from the dog bed in that it has a raised edge. The raised edges give the dog basket more security and security. The dog baskets are especially practical for shy dogs and puppies, as they are a practical retreat. You can enhance the dog baskets with blankets or pillows. Not to mention the dog baskets especially for older dogs, through a flat entry these have always easier to get in and out without much effort. Most dog baskets are round so that when the dog is rolled up, it fits perfectly to them.

The dog pillow

At you will find the right cushions you are looking for in all colors, materials and shapes. Many dogs just prefer the dog pillows because it keeps the cold from below and offer an ideal lying surface no matter on which surface. For a trip, the pillows are also very practical, because you can roll them up quickly and are very stowable in the car. There is something for everyone for every size.

The dog mat

The dog mats are very handy for visiting friends if you want to take your pet with you. You can simply roll up the practical mats and put them in your pocket. The mats in different colors can also be perfectly integrated into a dog basket.