Amber collars

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Amber against ticks


Ticks, not only dog owners know the problem and are confronted every year with the question: "What is the most natural way to protect my animal from ticks?
Quite differently than its name "amber" suggests, these are not stones, but fossil resin. The smell of amber is similar to a slightly essential oil, which is also said to have a repellent effect on ticks. Like everything else in nature, the appearance of the stones differs considerably from one another. There are polished amber and amber necklaces made of unpolished amber on the market. Also the electrostatic effect caused by the fur of dog and cats should show an effect on ticks.

Due to its high electrical resistance, amber is charged by friction on the fur of the animal. In the meantime many animal owners have provided their favourite with amber chains and made different experiences. However the whole thing is based only on animal owner experiences and cannot be scientifically proven like many other alternative welfare methods or protective measures.

As already mentioned, unpolished amber stones produce more friction than polished stones. However, an effect is probably dependent on many factors, such as the size of the animal and the related number of stones. Also the characteristics of the animal skin should influence the whole. For example, long fur that moves with it becomes more electrostatically charged than very short fur.

An amber necklace for dogs and cats should therefore have a double effect on fleas and ticks, triggered by the resinous smell and the electrostatic charge. Many manufacturers recommend to wear the amber necklace permanently.