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Rodent's house - that's homey

Are you the loving owner of a hamster, guinea pig or other rodent? Then you want to meet the needs of your little friend and look for a suitable small animal house. In order to save the paved way to the city with expensive parking lots, you can conveniently buy the right rodent house in our Zoostore online. As different as the small rodents are, so diverse is the selection of the houses. Find the right house from our large selection for your beloved animal!

Equipment from simple to classy

If you have decided to buy a house for rodents online, the question remains: How should the small animal house be? Important for you as a responsible pet owner is the material of the cottage that you offer your friend. The zoo has species-appropriate models made from untreated bark wood or natural wood. Partly crafted, the pretty little houses have all the features that a first-class rodent house should bring with them. The natural material is adopted by every rodent, whether bunny, hamster or guinea pig, with pleasure. In the shelter, the little animal finds an ideal retreat for sleeping and various opportunities for climbing, playing and nibbling.

In addition to the demands of the animal, which you cover with the small animal house, the design of the enclosure also benefits from the collection of functional accessories. If you love it simple and robust, you can fall back on the classic bungalow variant. If you want to create an eye-catcher in the cage with the rodent and give your rodent maximum fun, take a look at the high-quality bark wood specimens. You make your personal choice from stylish variants.

Complete the small animal home

But with a small house to sleep and retreat, it is still far from done: Because this cottage and the enclosure are only a part of all the equipment for your rodent there. If you want it to feel really comfortable, you can move around like floors, ladders, bridges, stairs and tunnels or caves. Also, the wheel loved by all rodents may not be missing! Because this ensures the necessary sport.

Create great space for playing, climbing, dozing or hunting with the high-quality rodent houses. Guaranteed to make your pet's cage an adventure playground. Here you will even find a real Nagerburg or the replica of the Brandenburg Gate. We offer a huge selection, so you too can find the right rodent houses for your little darling. Make sure that your pet feels safe and secure in his or her home, thus enabling him to have a beautiful and species-appropriate habitat.

At Zoostore you will find a huge selection of rodent houses. Whether classically simple or striking in a great design, there are almost no limits to the imagination here. The Nagerhäuser are also made of untreated wood, so that your animal can nibble well at the rodent houses to clean the teeth.