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Cat litter mat - cat toilet rug
Cats can engage so extensively with their small and big business that they like to start scratching and digging in their litter box. If the litter box is not stored in a cupboard or equipped with a lid, then there is a lot missing. For this there is the cat toilet rug. The cat litter mat acts as a dirt trap mat in front of the litter box.

What a cat toilet rug?
Dust mats and cat litter rugs are available in different materials and sizes. Before you buy a very large rug, you should consider whether two or three smaller make more sense. Finally, while using the cat lavatory may go something wrong, but rarely is the entire mat completely dirty. A cat toilet rug is the perfect complement to any cat litter box. Because what good is it if you clean the cat toilet regularly, but then everything is dirty and messy? The cat litter mat also makes sense in a cat toilet with a roof, a XXL litter box or a self-cleaning cat litter box. Because cats can still have some of the litter on their paws when leaving their village.