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Order a stocking toy from Zoostore

With us in the online shop, you are guaranteed to find the perfect teddy bear toy. Due to the large selection you have countless possibilities to upgrade the cage of your animal with the right toy. Create a species-appropriate environment with the help of wheels, game nests and other toys that your rodent will love. The natural urge to move can thus be supported and lived out properly. The game options for your rodent are all made of natural wood and thus offer the rodent the opportunity to let off steam in any way whether climbing, nibbling or running. Whether hamster, guinea pig, mouse or any other rodent: So your rodent can additionally strengthen his claws and teeth clean.

Set up the cage properly

Once you have decided on a suitable cage, you have to adapt to many other furnishings. In addition to the toy, this includes a little house, tunnels and caves, bridges as well as further floors for more space. Especially if your cage tends to go up, ladders and stairs are great ways to get your rodent to other floors.

Important in your selection is that you pay attention to whether the wood is untreated. Because your rodent likes to nibble on everything he achieves. Untreated wood can not hurt him. For this reason you will find in our online shop under the category small animals only appropriate products that are suitable for your rodent.

Food for your rodent

Of course, you must not miss the appropriate equipment that contributes to the appropriate food source: Buy your little rodent a great potion, a cup or similar from our range. High quality ensures that your rodent has something of it for a long time. If you want to have everything in one, then you decide for the feed station: Here you not only have food and drink in one place, but also can divide the food into two different wells. In addition, the feed station has a roof, which serves the rodent as a small viewing platform.