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Dog grooming - an important aspect

Dog grooming should be an integral part of living together with you and your dog, as it is not only important for a well-groomed look, but also for the health of your dog. Ears, eyes, teeth, fur and paws should be checked regularly and if necessary cleaned or treated.

Care and hygiene articles for dogs on

Here in our dog shop, we offer you many products that support you in dog grooming. Provide your dog with a much better quality of life through easy care and hygiene. Because your dog not only feels much better. In addition, you ensure that he stays healthy for a long time. Dog grooming is therefore essential for every pet. Browse through our online shop and do your fur nose something good. He will definitely be happy and thank you.

Special care for bitches

Female dogs require different care than the male in certain situations. If you have a bitch, prepare with the right items for the time when they get in the heat. Because that can sometimes be uncomfortable when other dogs are nearby. Support your bitch with the appropriate products. For example, a dog's diaper or a protective panties may already be sufficient.

A fulfilling life for your dog

Dogs have different needs just like us humans. Give your dog a vital life with suitable toys and great activities - from the puppy age to the late dog age. Especially older dogs must be helped accordingly. So this can someday no longer jump into the car, but may need some help to get into the transport box. If the dog is too heavy for you, for example, a dog stairs can help. Browse through our dog shop and find exactly what your dog desires: from cooling summer articles on comfortable sleeping places to more security for your dog and others.