Cat toilets for all house tigers
A cat toilet serves a house cat for the execution of its business. Already from the third week of life domestic cats can accept the litter box and become house-trained. But also cats with freewheel like to use a litter box, because they also like to bury their business with litter. With the latter you should install an appropriate cat flap in your front door and remember to lean the doors to the litter tray at most. This is the only way for a free-wheeling cat to get the chance to visit the litter box at the right time without any problems.

Cat toilets in the cat Shop buy
Here in the Zoostore you will find a large selection of different cat toilets. There are open toilets, but there are also toilets that are closed with a hood. Here, the cat enters the litter box via a swinging door and a special filter ensures that as little odour as possible is produced. Offer your tiger exactly what he wants.

The litter box, whether with or without hood, should be cleaned regularly, as it will only be accepted by your house tiger if it does not smell too strong. It should also be kept in a quiet place. You will find the right accessories for this in this category as well as under the care and hygiene articles.

More accessories for your cat
So that your house tiger also feels really well in his home, a cat toilet is not enough of course. Beside the basic equipment also scratch furniture as well as cat toys belong to important products. For playing, there are also wonderful cat caves and tunnels, which can keep your tiger busy for many hours. By the high-quality materials and careful processing our cat articles hold very long.