Toys with catnip

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Catnip Toy - Just make cats wild

Catnip or cat's milk called is a true miracle product as far as its effect on the small velvet paws. It has an almost bewitching effect on most cats and is therefore perfect as a toy for cats. Your cat will be grateful if you surprise her with a small gesture. The fragrances of the plant bring a welcome change to the regular playing with the darling.

Cat toy with catnip - just to pu

You will love to watch your darling boast about playing with a toy with catnip. The catnip can have a beguiling but also calming effect on the four-legged friends. Even nervous or agitated cats can be brought to rest with such a cat toy. This can greatly facilitate one or the other difficult situation in the life of a cat.

A cat toy of a special kind

A toy with catnip can make a cat more interested and active. The ethereal fragrances of the Nepeta cataria increase the attention and so nothing stands in the way of a loving game! It can be assumed that the distinct scent of the plant is similar to that of the mating ritual and thus produces this unique effect. Incidentally, the plant belongs to the mint family.

Fast help even in difficult situ

Many cat owners know the problems. The cat must go to the veterinarian or should have a temporary vacation home. Cats love routine and face such sudden changes with all sorts of skepticism to fear. A toy for cats, which has a calming effect due to its scent can help to relax the situation for humans and animals. So at least a little scare can be taken in front of the unpopular transport box or the car.

A harmless toy for cats

Due to the completely natural ingredients, a toy with catnip is classified as absolutely harmless. Thus, a poisoning of your purring favorite is excluded.