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Plush toy for dogs is often bought, because it guarantees a lot of fun with your four-legged friend. On the one hand, he can romp extensively with the plush toy, because the boisterous romping the dog is busy and the chewing on the toy simultaneously trained the jaw muscles. Your pet can deal with it alone as well as play with you. Throw the toy, then let it chase and tug at it, because playing together strengthens the bond between you and your companion. On the other hand, the soft dog toy is ideal to take it into the basket and cuddle up with it after exuberant game units. Thus, it is the perfect companion for your four-legged friend and satisfies his playfulness in a gentle way.

T-bone steak, sausages and Co.

Our plush toy for dogs is available in various designs and offers your pet a lot of variety and fun. Give it a t-bone steak, ribs or sausages made of plush, which were modeled on the original perfectly. If it should be more classic, you will also find animal imitations and balls of cuddly fabric - some with sturdy ropes and strands provided. The materials used are durable and partially processed with sheepskin imitation, so that the toy awakens the natural Jadgtrieb of the dog. Some of our items are squeaky-cut and encourage your companion to play. Also discover other toys for dogs like great light toys.

Dog toy for romping and cuddling

Buy plush toys for your four-legged friend comfortably and simply at Zoostore and benefit from the large selection and the attractive coupon promotions. Convince yourself of the quality of our high-quality dog toy and trust the certified online pet shop. Get an overview of the entire range from home and save time and nerves. Your dog will be grateful if you then take a long walk with him and try out the great toy.