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Versatile wooden toy for true individualists

Playing together with your dog strengthens the mutual bond. So that the happy game is not interrupted by unfortunate incidents, you should put on a high quality of the dog toy value. Wooden toys are considered a particularly compatible and safe toy. The natural product is robust and can not splinter through the professional processing, so that your four-legged friends can properly romp with it. To make it exciting for you and your pet, you will find many different wooden toy products at Zoostore. In addition to sophisticated wooden balls with noise effect and Zerrspielzeuge from the natural materials wood and bamboo rope are available. Just take a look through our product range and find the right toy for your four-legged friend.,

Dog toy for more fun

In our assortment you will find everything the dogs heart desires. We do not forget that our loyal friends are real individualists and have certain preferences. That's why we offer our customers and their animal friends a wide selection of stimulating toys. In its different phases of life your four-legged friend develops completely new needs. Even as a puppy, your dog has special requirements. That's why you can find a large selection of puppy toys in the Zoostore online shop.

Everything about the dog at Zoostore

In addition to toys made of different materials you will find in our online shop also many other important products around the dog. You will find a wide selection of necklaces, dog sleepers and dog bowls on our website, and you will also find everything you need for your dog's day. Our items are often available in a variety of sizes and designs so you can only choose products that are right for you and your pet. Also in terms of color, many of our products differ. So you can easily choose your favorite color. By default, as with the puppy toy, we have the two colors pink and green for males and females. Of course, you can choose as you wish.