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You want to challenge your driveless dog properly? How about one of Zoostore's interactive dog toys? Give your dog new drive with turning, lifting or sliding movements and promote the intelligence of your favorite.

Why intelligence toy?

The interactive dog toy promotes the intelligence and the spirit of your four-legged friend already in the puppy age. By clever turning, lifting or pushing, your dog will be able to find treats, for example. Just let your little friend experiment.

In addition, train the motor skills and the sense of smell of the dog. In addition, you promote the play instinct and the memory of your animal with the help of the intelligence toy.

With such a toy your dog will stay mentally fit and he will never be impulsive again.

The right choice of dog toy

The size plays an important role in interactive toys. If the toy is too small, it can easily be swallowed. When choosing the interactive toy, keep in mind the needs of your dog. Do not force him to do anything he does not enjoy. That's not fun for him or for you to watch.

If your dog does not have any experience with such interactive toys, start with a light toy and learn with your pet. So he gets a feel for the special dog toy.

Fill the interactive dog toy with food at first, to give your dog success at the slightest touch. Dogs are quickly frustrated when they smell that food is nearby, but they can not get there.

Tips in the guide

If you want to have some more tips on how to mentally and physically promote your dog, take a look at our guide. Here you will find many useful and helpful tips around the dog. And not just on the topic of dog employment. In addition, you will also find valuable tips on how to transport your dog with the right car accessories and whether a transport box is suitable for you.