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Outdoor toys for dogs buy online at Zoostore

Dogs need toys to let off steam. The dogs not only claim their bodies, but can also use their mental abilities in certain games and develop them with the right support. In addition to interactive toys, in which also the relationship between dog and human can be strengthened, the outdoor toy represents a very good opportunity. Make sure on very uneven and rocky terrain, that your dog does not hurt. Dog shoes offer safety in spite of having fun.

Toys for the outdoors

Find and your dog back to nature and discover with joy the many outdoor toys from Zoostore. Whether dog tunnel or standard rubber ball - let your four-legged friends with our outdoor toys outside in the garden properly romp. The toy can also be transported very well outdoors. So you are not only bound to your garden in front of the house, but can also look for a nice meadow further away. Challenge your dog and test his activity and intelligence with the help of these dog toys.

Retrieve and circle objects

The best way to practice your dog in nature is to retrieve balls or Frisbees, for example. But also the dog tunnels and slalom courses are very good job opportunities for your four-legged friend. So your dog can really let off steam in nature and is demanded to the utmost.

Foraging with the fur nose

Another tip is the outdoor search, movement and brain games. Foraging naturally plays an important role. For which dog does not want to be rewarded afterwards with a treat for his work? Hide food or small treats in balls and then hide the whole food bag to train your pet's sense of smell.

Especially in unpacking games, the dog not only has to use his nose, but also his teeth and paws. Thus, the situation of a real prey is rudimentary adjusted.

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We offer all sorts of items for dog needs quite conveniently in our online store. So you can spend the time much better your beloved four-legged friends.