Fishing rods for cats

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Buy cat fishing in the online shop

With the purchase of an article in our Zoostore online store for your cuddly cat you have some advantages. Because here you will find a great variety of diverse things for cats at a glance. No annoying looking around for the cat product you want. Whether it's cat litter boxes, transport boxes or cat toys for the purring four-legged friends, you do not have to look far to find the right one.

So, our zoostore online store offers many different toys specifically for cats to meet their needs. If you want to play with your cat, you can choose between various game options. Thus, the cat fishing is an option to deal interactively with the cats.

Train hunting instinct of the cat

By choosing a cat fishing rod, you can simulate a real hunting situation with your pet. This allows the cat to sharpen their senses and exercises in concentration as well as dexterity. This awakens the hunting instinct of the fur nose. In addition, the appearance of the hanging object supports the authenticity of the situation.

Cat fishing rod available in different versions

If you decide to play a cat fishing rod with your baby tiger, you can choose between several different designs. With a laid handle, you are definitely safe from the sharp claws of the quadruped. What should hang at the end of the string is up to you. Everything is possible, from a bee or a bird to ribbons and light effects.

Playing together strengthens your connection

If you decide to play with the cats, this will certainly promote the bond between you and your pet. Interacting with each other not only strengthens the natural reflexes of the cat, but also strengthens one's confidence in one another at the same time. Especially by playing with the cat fishing this is the case.