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Take a bird's swing and have fun in your birdcage. Each bird's swing from our range is made from untreated materials and thus contains no harmful substances that could harm your feathered friend. The stability of the bird's swing is ensured by metal hooks on which the swing can be attached to the cage. A bird's swing brings your feathered friend lots of fun and variety and contributes to a species-appropriate habitat. The bird's swing is colored with food coloring, so it does not matter if your little friend nibbles on it. Here you will find sturdy swings for big birds like parrots, but also swings for smaller birds, so you can find the perfect toy for every cage and cage size.

Other climbing possibilities

In addition to swings you can of course equip the cage or the aviary with other items. In our Zoostore online shop you will find a selection of perches or ladders. Give your bird enough opportunities to sharpen his claws and also to climb. Because birds not only like to fly, but also belong to small climbers.

Think about the health of your bird!

In order for a bird to lead a long and happy life - despite the cage - you should offer him enough opportunities to live his life. In addition to the correct size of the cage or the aviary and appropriate equipment such as bird toys you must also contribute to his care. In the open one sees birds also gladly times with swimming at sources of water. Accordingly, a bath is inevitable even in your bird cage. Discover our care and hygiene products and do something good for your little bird. Of course, the matching bowl and the right potions must not be missing. This ensures order and structure in the birdhouse.

If you are looking for more helpful tips, then our guide offers exactly the right thing. In addition to the category birds you will also find tips for other pets such as dogs or various small animals.